Today, in Paperback: Trees, Oh, the trees

Howdy happy bananas!

Today, the 29th of August, is a very cool day—because the paperback of AND THE TREES CREPT IN is out now! *falls over*

In summary:

  • this is a creepy story
  • maybe about ghosts
  • maybe about love
  • maybe about a creepy monster that is hidden in the trees
  • maybe those trees inch closer every day
  • there is kissing
  • there is loss
  • there is so much more


I am so proud of this little book. I hope you guys will pick up your own copy and dive in for a cosy Fall read, which is exactly what this book is perfect for. I’m giving away ONE copy (US and CA only) on my YouTube channel, where I’ve put together a little 30 Facts About Me video.

Happy paperback birthday, little book! Go, go, go!

Don’t forget: And The Trees Crept In is also available on Audible as an audiobook! 1 Credit only 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 22.00.42

Thank you lovely readers for all your warmth, love and support. I adore you beyond words.




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